Flex House

Flex House is an Italian company that deals with civil engineering, roadworks, engineering and management. This company was born some years ago in the minds of some of the entrepreneurs in the construction industry and related sectors, aware that only by combining their own experiences could successfully deal with the international market. But it needed an innovative project that could propose to the markets new solutions and new technological horizons. Hence the idea of ​​proposing itself with a new construction system, which aims at reducing costs and construction times while maintaining high quality performance. They decide to come together and patent the Flex House System, an innovative recycled synthetic resin that allows easy on-site assembly while keeping the features of traditional constructions intact.

What was lacking in the market was in fact a technology that would allow it to be built on site with the times of a prefabricated product, while retaining the ability to quickly change or modify any lay-out without having to stop construction work. A custom made dress with the times of a commercial product.

Flex House operates around the world, through partnerships or business agreements with local entrepreneurs. Its main reference markets are Africa, the Middle East, Latin America and the United States. In Africa, it has a subsidiary, called Flex House Solutions, established in partnership with a well-known local businessman, and is located in Nigeria, Port Harcourt, where it will soon embed the production lines needed to serve the entire African continent.

Our Mission

In an increasingly difficult market, it is crucial to rethink how to tackle the new question, paying attention to the growing difficulty due to an ever-increasing presence of protagonists from the Far East. This kind of competition has unfortunately narrowed the margin of earnings for construction work, at the expense of the quality of the finished product. Now it is necessary to propose new solutions that will lower the time and cost of realization, but it is also necessary to maintain the quality of Made in Italy and with the Flex House System this is possible. But that’s not enough: you also need to have a service, even after-sale, that will allow you to respond quickly.

For this reason, Flex House offers a complete, turnkey product, from design and architectural design to electrical and sanitary engineering, including post-sale maintenance. A careful site management completes our offer.

In its projects, the Flex House S.r.l. Try to use raw materials and human resources available in the country where it operates at that precise time, sending only as strictly necessary from Italy. The same cassero can be realized anywhere and the Flex House S.r.l. Provides advice to local entrepreneurs who would like to produce our product in our country.